Full Moon Yin Yoga

There is a relationship between the moon and Yin Yoga. Each month we will have a live Full Moon Yin Class honoring the beauty and significance of our moon in our lives.

Yin Yoga is specifically based in lunar (cool) energy known as “tha” energy. Most of our western culture is focused on Yang energy, the energy of the sun known as “ha” energy. Yin yoga brings balance into our Yang world and balance to our mind, body, emotions, and feelings.

The full moon is the perfect time to release anything that is no longer serving us in a positive way. This creates space in our mind and body as we plant seeds for more positive thoughts and emotions such as love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and on and on.

We as yogis and yoginis can, with practice, take our Yin energy off our mat and into our Yang world. When we find our balance between Yin and Yang and return to our frenetic world, we become the calm in the midst of chaos. We become the change we want to see. This change is noticed by those around us and this change ripples out around this planet Earth. BE the change.

Our full moon classes have the same format: breath work, postures, and final guided meditation, with a focus on lunar energy. Full moon classes will typically be scheduled as close as possible with our Wednesday or Sunday Yin classes.


Full Moon Names

January - Full Wolf Moon

February - Full Snow Moon

March - Full Worm Moon

April - Full Pink Moon

May - Full Flower Moon

June - Full Strawberry Moon

July - Full Buck Moon

August - Full Sturgeon Moon

September - Full Harvest Moon

October - Full Hunter's Moon

November - Full Beaver Moon

December - Full Cold Moon

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