Inner Sanctuary of Stillness

Yin Yoga is a gift you give yourself. With the practice of Yin, you can find balance in your busy Yang life. We all live very full, often over scheduled lives. In our Western culture, the slower vibration of Yin has been lost for the most part. We now know, sometimes we need to slow down to speed up.

Yin Yoga allows you to practice letting go of your “fight or flight” existence and choose balance and healing. In Yin, you “let go” of attachments to those thought, words and actions that are no longer serving you in a positive way. You allow your mind and body to reset, find balance and tap into your parasympathetic nervous system. This is true liberation.

In Yin class you practice relaxing and restoring your mind body so that when your return to your Yang world, you will be able to tap into your inner stillness, peace and balance. You already are whole. You already are enough. You have all you need within you. In every class, we plant “seeds of awareness” focusing on your wealth of inner resources. Then, it is your choice whether to remember and choose to water and tend to those seeds within as you move along your life journey. Once you experience this Yin/Yan balance, you are calm amid the storms swirling around you. You are the Change.

Janet Mountain Yoga