Testimonials from students

“Arrive on your mat and be prepared to be transported into another dimension with Janet as she gently guides you through Yin poses to increase your mobility, flexibility and release your fascia. She takes your mind into an alternate dimension with her gentle, meditative voice. I always learn something new, and I eagerly look forward to each and every class. She has transformed me, and she will transform you too.”
Lissa Lang Kuai, Hawaii
“I began practicing Yin Yoga with Janet during Covid at a time when Zoom yoga was the only platform to practice yoga. Of course, early Zoom yoga was not initially at its best, but I continued to follow Janet because of my love for Yin Yoga. Janet’s classes not only provide structure for Yin practice but also gives me a connection with like-minded people who want to practice Yin Yoga. Her approach in every class is to bring us into calming breath work, kindness, awareness, and knowledge. She often inspires me to become a kinder person, a confident practiced yogi, and a lover of reflection. Practicing yin with Janet is relaxing, restorative, and meditative. Not only do I receive and see the energy from other students that come together from all over the world, but the class energy is magic that lasts long after her class ends. Her classes are a nice, peaceful, and lovely escape to recapture your existence in this world.”
Kathy Wyatt Puyallup, WA
“I discovered Janet’s Yin Yoga offering online during Covid, and I am eternally grateful that I did! Janet is a powerfully intuitive teacher and her offerings come straight from the heart. I really appreciate how she researches and incorporates interesting bits of modern knowledge with the ancient wisdom of yoga. It is clear and evident in her classes that she embodies integrity and commitment to her own practice, which makes her an incredible teacher. In each of her classes, I am always sparked by something new, while also feeling gently guided into a wonderful meditation space. Thank you for your beautiful offerings, Janet, you are truly living into your light as a teacher!!”
Gabriel Reising Longmont, CO
"The one thing that keeps me coming back to yin yoga is it brings me back to my center. Life is busy these days and you feel like you are being pulled in every direction. This practice is calming to the soul. Your mind and breath take you inward, sometimes you find solutions to problems without even thinking about them. This practice is wonderful for opening the shoulders, hips and heart. We store our emotions in our joints causing pain. I love how this practice gets you in tune with letting go, and your body opens up to move more freely. This is the one practice you get to come relax and not use your muscles. Janet will also take you on an amazing journey at the end of class in savasana, leaving you with increased mindfulness and a calm nervous system. I absolutely love how I feel after taking this class. Namaste."
Kim Mowat Victoria, Canada
"The thought and energy Janet puts into her themed weekly Yin classes are outstanding. While holding long postures, Janet weaves stories of enlightenment she curates from various sources. I was hooked from my first class in 2021, she is a Yin treasure!"
Drew Welsh Vancouver, Canada
Janet Mountain Yoga